DRS Pro Transfer 2019

April 1st to April 5th, 2019

Altensteinstrasse 40, Berlin, Germany


Have you ever wondered if your research can lead to more than just publications? Perhaps you have already stumbled upon an ingenious business idea and thought about turning it into a product or service? Over the last years participants of DRS Pro Transfer have learned how to systematically develop research or business ideas and explore ways of successful market implementation. With backgrounds in the life sciences, the natural sciences, the humanities or the social sciences, they teamed up across disciplines to participate in a journey of ideas.

CampusLeben on DRS Pro Transfer (in German)

In cooperation with the European Postdoc-to-Innovators Network p2i, the Digital Entrepreneurshpi Hub, and our service institution for knowledge and technology transfer Profund Innovation, DRS Pro Transfer will take the next step towards a new and exciting blended learning format.


:   Seminar



:   up to 30

Target grouü

: PhD & Postdocs from all fields


: Winter term


: English


:   ~30 hours


Information and Material

Tuesday, April 2nd

Trainer: Andreas Voss

Additional material

Monday, April 1st

Friday, April 6th

Trainers: Elisabeth EppingerHannes Rothe


Additional Material

Impressions from DRS Pro Transfer


Developed by

The course was created by professor Hannes Rothe 


The course was certified by Dahlem Research School.

Thank you for your support and participation!

Other events and groups for PhDs and Postdocs to follow:

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