At the interface between digitalisation and entrepreneurship  for sustainable development in Europe.

At the Digital Entrpreneurship Hub we reflect on the challenges of digital transformation in theory-based and practical cases.

Research at macro level:
Society and ecosystems

From Lifescience to Programmatic Advertising to Digital Publishing – hardly any entrepreneurial field of action is not influenced by the use of digital technologies. Digital transformation encompasses central social areas, entrepreneurial activity in almost all sectors, but also university teaching (“e-/blended learning”) and research (“e-research”).

At the macro level, we consider this interaction between technology-driven change processes and society. Our research regularly focuses on the transformation of industries and markets as well as the change of common value creation, e.g. in digital ecosystems.

Research at Meso level:
Companies and organisations

At the level of the individual company, technological change influences decision-making processes and established structures. Digitization allows new forms of shared value creation with customers. At the same time, it changes internal structures. We cooperate with companies, NGOs and associations to get to the bottom of the effects of the increasing decentralisation of decision-making processes through “Bring your own device” and “Cloud Computing”.

Micro-level research:
Individual entrepreneurs

On an individual level we deal with personal prerequisites and general conditions of entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Particular attention is paid to the influence of diversity in the founding process. At the Digital Entrepreneurship Hub, we use the results of our research on the individual characteristics of entrepreneurs to build up a target group-specific repertoire of support options. This should make it possible to sensitize and qualify teachers, students as well as doctoral and postdoctoral students for their digital options for action.

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