A cross-disciplinary platform for entrepreneurship research and education in times of digital transformation.

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Towards Health Futures: Widening the divide through digital health innovation?​

Widening the divide through digital health innovation? A Towards Health Futures PDW at AoM

Our AoM professional development workshop session engages attendees to debate and get feedback on their research related to the role of digital technologies for producing healthcare that ensures “healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages” (SDG 3, UN). In particular, the PDW is aimed at examining accessibility to digital innovation in healthcare, i.e., access to the digital innovation process and access to digital innovation as health services. […]

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From Lifescience through Programmatic Advertising to Digital Publishing – hardly any entrepreneurial field of action is not influenced by the use of digital technologies. The Digital Entrepreneurship Hub reflects the influences of “digital transformation” on central areas of society. These include in particular the digitalization of entrepreneurial activity in almost all sectors, its influence on diversity, but also changes in university teaching (“e-/blended learning”) and research (“e-research”).

The DEH is the central point of contact for entrepreneurship education and research at Freie Universität Berlin.
The DEH systematically promotes the exchange between research at the FU Berlin and start-up ecosystems in Berlin, the EU and worldwide.
At the interface between #digitalization and #entrepreneurship with direct research relevance, the DEH is unique in Berlin.


We sensitize and qualify researchers and students at Freie Universität Berlin for entrepreneurial thinking and action. In doing so, we directly implement findings from our own research in the areas of “Entrepreneurship” and “Information Systems”.


Together with our partners from various faculties and Profund Innovation – the start-up support facility of Freie Universität Berlin – we have been providing both discipline-specific and cross-disciplinary support services at Freie Universität Berlin since 2013.
(see BMWi project “Entrepreneurial Network University” (ENU) 2013-2018).

Tensions during Digital Transformation


“Digital transformation” entails technical change as well as changes at the level of individuals, companies, and society. We reflect on these processes and help shape them in events and with our own “Design Science” projects.


The Digital Entrepreneurship Hub is an institution of Freie Universität Berlin.


Teaching at DEH is aimed at students, researchers and alumni of all faculties. It sensitises and qualifies people comprehensively to entrepreneurial thinking and acting, for example in the form of a new venture. This is part of the increasingly important task of transferring technology and knowledge from universities to society.

Education in the network: As a hub, we rely on a decentralised network of lecturers from various specialist areas, which is systematically supported by the DEH. Through the involvement of experts in start-up, patent and licensing issues, current content and additional competencies are introduced into teaching.

The different offers of Entrepreneurship Education can be combined according to desire and inclination to individual “learning paths”.


Research at DEH is dedicated to the interfaces between entrepreneurship, digitalization and diversity.

Research in a network: As a hub, we promote exchange between researchers from the School of Business and Economics and other disciplines at Freie Universität Berlin.

In the sense of the “International Network University” we are closely connected with international research networks.


Our founders

Tim Seithe, Gründer und Geschäftsführer von viomedo​

Tim Seithe, Gründer und Geschäftsführer von viomedo​

"The Start Up Entrepreneurship! course was very inspiring for me. It helped me to focus more on the things that are really relevant."

Mark Essien, Gründer von Hotels.ng

Mark Essien, Gründer von Hotels.ng

"I did the seminar Unternehmensgründung during my MSc at the FU, and also Kundenprojekt Web-Technologien, both of which were instrumental to mydecision to move back to my native Nigeria to found a Startup. The company has been quite successful - we recently raised $1.2m in financing. Just wanted to reach out to say thanks a lot for the helpful seminars you provide at the FU."​

Our ecosystem

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