Ärztezeitung: "Developed by students - A T-shirt against back pain"

The Re.adjustme team consisting of Alexa Danelski, Fabian Rappert, Sebastian Selmke, and Stefan Rocksch has been featured with an interview in the Ärztezeitung. Their founding idea is to develop a “T-shirt against back pain”. The journey of the four masters students in Business Informatics began in 2016 in one of the entrepreneurship courses of Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch, Prof. Dr. Hannes Rothe and Dr. Janina Sundermeier of the Digital Entrepreneurship Hub. Since then, the students have been working on their vision of “walking painlessly through everyday life” with a back shirt and have already been able to get some interested people enthusiastic about their project. In this context it was also possible for the team to win AOK Nordost as a partner.

Read the interview of Re.adjustme with the Ärztezeitung under the following link:


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