Author: Justus Pohle

I dispose of my health

HEALTH-X, a decentralized data room for health, aims to give patients sovereignty over their data. One of the project’s 14 partners is the team led by business IT specialist Martin Gersch.

In the future, all medical information about a person – prescriptions and referral slips, patient files and records on paper – will be available in a data room.

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BSS Health
Berliner Startup Stipendium Health

Prof. Gersch from the Digital Entrepeneurship Hub has become a member of the “Mentor Panel” of the Berliner Startup Stipendium Health.

Within the framework of the joint association Science & Startups, the universities listed below are simultaneously supporting up to ten innovative startups in the field of medical technology and the healthcare industry with the BSS Health program. The support consists of scholarships as well as non-material support through qualification, networking and a strong panel of mentors.

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„Abenteuer Ausgründung – Startup Stories aus der Uni“

„Jetzt geht‘s los – wir gründen ein Start-up!“ Aber wann ist der richtige Moment dafür? Wie schafft man den Sprung aus der Wissenschaft in die Wirtschaft? Wie überzeugt man Investoren? Welche Hürden gilt es zu überwinden? Und was tun, wenn die Idee gut, aber die Welt noch nicht bereit dafür ist?

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European Postdocs meet at Digital Enterprise Fair

Die vom Europäischen Postdocs-to-Innovators-Netzwerk (p2i) organisierte Enterprise Fair fand Anfang November digital statt. Das Programm, das vom Digital Entrepreneurship Hub, Inncubator der Universität Innsbruck und dem Institut Curie der Pariser PSL mitgestaltet wurde, bot Wissenschaftlern die Möglichkeit, Karriereperspektiven innerhalb und außerhalb einer Wissenschaft zu entwickeln.

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Entrepreneurship Program DRS Pro Transfer Online


Monday, January 11, 2021
Monday, January 18, 2021
Monday, January 25, 2021
Monday, February 1, 2021


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i2i – Ideas to Innovation

12 – 15 Jan 2021


This program is provided by Cranfield University and is fully online due to coronavirus restrictions.
The program is designed to help you find new and innovative ways to think about your research and raise awareness of its impact. The skills gained on i2i apply equally to developing a new business, industry and community projects, and future academic research. It is also a great environment to develop self-confidence and other personal skills such as networking and team awareness.

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